There is a beautiful English word that I love: “wallflower” means when a person is shy and stands aloof. Indeed it is just like that, no one notices a flower on the wall, yet it stands there to observe the way and think that it is in the wrong place. Who is right, who would want a simple flower when the world is full of strong and wonderful trees, capable of such high self-esteem that they allow them to compete on who gets taller?


We have been fire that burns,
flames that shine on a summer night when you make love and you don’t swear to stay for eternity,
because there is no need.
It’s all so far now,
and I wonder if we ever existed.
But the ashes still give off smoke.
I don’t know if in the course of my existence I will think of these moments as just blooming sunflowers or ashes flying accompanied by the wind.
I just know that they will remain etched inside me like an incision on the aorta.
They pass quickly the run-in spring swallows, beyond the subtlety of the sunset delicate joy:
from there the desire for the west is born.
I turn around the saving banks of a distant universe:
that who no longer listens to my will but he feels all humankind at a distance.
I ask by the side of the road, to continue in this stop the company of a hand: that me give the opportunity to make myself heard still happy to intertwine fingers,
mark the time between a glance and the reflection of a May afternoon.
Between summer storms and hope not to live it alone in the shade of a luxuriant tree,
the genuine relieves me of all this essence of reserved living with an eye on the world e a small peephole towards poetry and the beauty of creation.
I am sitting outside, the last glow of the sun on my face. it’s cold,
but I don’t want to go back inside for a sweater.
Seeing goosebumps is comforting,
it makes you feel that something can touch me and I am not indifferent to it.
today I tidied up, dusted off,
wrote an important chapter.
I took care of myself calmly, here the time seems to be less and less.
there are those who think of me,
I don’t know what to think.
I smile at a friendship that blossoms despite the ashes left around and I tell myself that it is not true that the conclusions are the end.
I can say with confidence now:
I’m fine and I don’t hold a grudge.
I am so proud of myself that I would hug myself tightly.
perhaps it can be a remedy for the cold.
The ash on the head. Like any penitent, like any writer, I atone for my sins through writing.
I seek redemption hidden in the perfect sentence.
I try to sublimate my pain and debase my heart.
This is not a world suitable for tall people and I have never felt like a giant.
The only regret that of all this writing will remain only ashes.
How many emotions do you go and how much paper consumed. Who knows how much more there will be. In the meantime,
I am consuming my pen by dipping it in the ink of my soul.
Do not make me an example and I am not even a poet. I’m just reporting on my misdeeds.


Every tree is born inside our heart,
branches inside our head,
takes root in our stomach.
Its sap is our blood.
We are living trees.
Our heart will branch out giving flowers and fruits.
Our body will expand giving life.
Each gem will be the future.
Each root will be love.
Our heart is a strong tree.
Touching a tree has always been a powerful,
symbiotic, ancestral, alive gesture for me and through it I live,
I am reborn,
I flourish again:
I become a cathedral in a cathedral.
The rain wets you, the winter transforms you,
I dress in your green,
I dress in leaves of the past and the future.
You tree taught me to remain serene,
to shed my sap,
to become air and flowers.
If you want to know something infinitely intimate about a person, you have to see how he moves, what he surrounds himself with, what music he listens to, what he reads or writes to himself, his photos, his drawings, his silences … the light blind that crosses it. I went from one piece of news to another while observing human history, it always fills with amazement, and I found a drawing by Mandela. Yes. Just him. Scrolling through many of his thoughts, African villages, dazzling suns and flying doves, I understood that all the people who fight for something big have the gaze of a child. Only with eyes so amazed by everything that surrounds them, from simple things and with an open mind to filter beauty, can you pursue such impossible paths and sometimes manage to confuse reality with a splendid dream. I was struck by the drawing of a Tree because I prefer them too, with strong roots, long and imperfect branches, filled with small leaves, knots and hollows for animals … The tree, you can draw it, photograph it, you can sit under it, climb it, observe it while it lets itself be embraced by the wind, offer shelter, shade, devour the bad air and send it back clean … in short, the tree is a example of inner light, of freedom that respects others. Mandela knew it, a heart cannot get out of its space but aims high and finds the light, just like a Tree.


If you have a garden it is very important to plant trees. I know you love and flowers and you want a flower garden but if you plant trees you can save the planet. This happens because trees help combat global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide and contribute to cleaning the air, taking in pollutants such as ozone, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxides. All this thanks to their respiration and photosynthesis processes. So you can plant your flowers in pots or wooden boxes near your home and in the garden plant trees to save the planet. It is really important.
Trees have the ability to purify the air of our cities through their foliage and their foliage. The factors that produce this benefit reside in the density of the foliage, in the ability to capture dust through hairy leaves, high percentage of stomata, roughness of the trunks, longevity of the species. Trees are perfect allies in this fight against fine particles, effective against fine and ultrafine particles such as PM10, PM2.5 and below, becoming indispensable in heavily polluted cities and along busy roads. Trees have the ability to fix and neutralize polluting gases from anthropogenic emissions, thus becoming a benefit for our health.
Trees have the ability to purify water, through the phytodepuration process, with soil improvement, capable of intercepting organic compounds but also hydrocarbons and heavy metals. The roots form the heart of these plants through filtering and purification. For example, the poplars, willows and alders along rivers and wetlands, in addition to making these places green and rich in biodiversity, have the ability to create buffer strips against pollution and therefore able to improve water quality. . Same thing in a city environment where urban forests represent a filter for polluting waters that are gradually purified through the root systems.

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