Nina Gualinga – An indigenous woman from the Kichwa people of Sarayaku in the Ecuadorian Amazon. She is an environmental activist and Indigenous Rights defender. She’s the perfect example of a strong and powerful woman. Protecting her people and their ancestral land with everything she has.


For all Amazonian tribes, the forest is the most precious asset. For all Amazonian tribes, the forest is their home and their life. But whites don’t see a forest, they only see gold. They seek it, they want it at all costs, they demand it and they will cause the death of all. Because if the forest dies, all of us white will die too. We who believe ourselves powerful will no longer have peace. The spirits of the forest have cursed us and our children will live on a dead planet. Is it really worth it to buy necklaces, rings and other gold jewelry, made with the gold found by destroying an entire forest and an entire population? Look at all the jewels you own. How much value will they have when our children die from polluted air and water?
If we do nothing, if we do not try to stop this tragedy then let’s get ready to die soon because of the heat, the violent rains, because of the end of our planet. I know you are thinking about summer holidays, I know you don’t want to read certain speeches, but you need to know that your children and grandchildren will have no future if you too contribute to this gold rush.
Look at these photos. Your jewels contribute to the destruction of a thousand-year-old forest that supplies our planet with oxygen. When this forest is destroyed, what air do you think you and your children can breathe? I know, you like the shimmer of gold. But do you love gold more or do you love your children? Have you answered? Imagine that each of these trees is your son or daughter. Imagine they are killing him. I know it’s a strong image but you have to think about it because that’s what they’re doing. They are taking the air out of your children. Think about it! It is your children who will no longer have water and air. I am telling you and it is already too late.
PLEASE DO NOT BUY OR USE GOLD! And please give gifts that do not destroy the nature and lives of indigenous peoples!



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