You are always squeezed in a corset, made up, on a diet, and all this always to make a man love you, men desire you, conquer your soul mate. You are always spreading creams on your face, hands, feet, hair. But what do men do? No corset, no girdle, no heels, just a shower and a little gel on your hair. And you squeeze into a tight dress and don’t breathe and choke. And you would like to get away from it all because you always have to please everyone, be perfect, well dressed and pretty. They don’t ask themselves if anyone will like them. They just take. They take everything.
Poor woman, made up, retouched, photoshopped, to look her best, to capture likes, to conquer looks. And the men? They show the pizza, the console, their star wars collections. How many hours of the gym for what? To then discard them all and remain alone. Poor men, obsessed with their own chest, with raised eyebrows, with redone lips. No hair and no love.
You are beautiful. You don’t need a man there to remind you. You are beautiful, alone perhaps even more. You look beautiful even if you don’t have a man who takes the lipstick off your lips, even if you are disheveled or without make-up. Even if you’re in a hurry and forgot something at home. You look beautiful when you leave the house to go get yourself an ice cream. You look beautiful in pajamas and with messy hair, you look beautiful with sleepy eyes. You are beautiful when you have rivers of words to hunt and when you want to be silent. You are beautiful when you get excited by a sentence, read on a book or on a wall. you wear make-up, wear the most beautiful dress you have, sprinkle your favorite perfume and then go out even if you have no one waiting for you outside the door, even if there is no one to tell you that you are beautiful. You do it to feel good about yourself. And this is the only thing that matters. You go out and then you will make the world fall in love. You look beautiful when you walk alone with headphones in your ears. And you think. Images. Dreams. You project yourself elsewhere. And it all reflects in your eyes. You are beautiful and you don’t know it. You are beautiful and someone is falling in love with you at that moment. You are beautiful because you are a great person, because you love so much that you almost self-destruct, because you bend over backwards for everyone even if nothing comes back .. because, for you, the important thing is to give. You are beautiful because you always believe in it, even when you shouldn’t, and you can see it in your eyes.
She’s good, wear makeup as well. A little mascara, a bit of pencil, put a brush of powder on it and be careful not to forget your dear friend blush. Put whatever you want in it, and then get out. Have fun, drink, laugh, joke, scream, don’t care, live! But then you will have to go home and take off that mask that you created yourself adapting it to your face. You didn’t think about that, huh? You can’t wear it forever, it’s a mask destined to be taken off, sooner or later. It is one of those masks that make you look beautiful at first, but then its beauty gradually vanishes and all that remains is your true beauty, the one you have never noticed, because it lies in simplicity, in small gestures, in the most hidden details. That true beauty that you have never shown to anyone, that that nobody knows, that that nobody knows exists. Maybe because you don’t want anyone to see it, or maybe you believe that, once it is revealed, nobody would appreciate it. And the funniest thing of all is that others do the same thing to you, without your knowledge. Because this is now a world of masks in which the actors who wear them are none other than the protagonists of this film called “Life”, where appearing is more important than being, where the story of being beautiful inside , no one cares. Where nobody ever thinks that perhaps it would be better to be hated for who they really are, than loved for that stupid mask that we insist on wearing to please others.

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