I am not even 30 years old, but in this life span millions of people have passed in front of me. Some of them were dance and drinking companions for a night and I never saw them again, others accompanied me for a short journey of my journey, some of them are simply acquaintances and still others are friends. I spent my life in the midst of people, I saw the thousand facets, the particularity of each one and I still believed I had "understood" it. Then by pure chance I know a person, we've never seen each other, never spent time together, I don't know his expressions, we hardly even know the tone of our voices, we write to each other. We talk a lot and I am amazed. I found qualities never seen before, I discovered sincere and disinterested listening and kindness. A whole life in the midst of people and never anyone who was able to really look at me and then a person arrives behind a screen and manages to read my soul, gave me hope, carefree, courage and the desire to fight. This post will surely be read by him too, so I wanted to take the opportunity to thank him with a phrase taken from the text of "The Messenger by Linkin Park" .. When life leaves us blind, love makes us kind, it keeps us kind.


You must enter me with the utmost calm,
turn off your voice if it scratches and rumbles.
Like relatives around a body they hardly pray to a body already grave.
You must enter me with light hands, leave your weight outside the door.
Strip your ego of arms and barriers:
what you wear does not matter to me.
You have to tiptoe into me.
This tower of mine is mere illusion. If you really care, stop and sit down ..
we follow the flowing river in silence.
collapse, not soft
you ignore, you do not speak
you touch, you crash
lose, leave again
distracted looks
heavy hands
the important things
they don't make us great

the buried memories
the many dangers
loose hair
far you take me

your head bursts
yell alone
no one stays here
burn the flowerbed
you the sun hates
continue lady
ruin the party
your courage honors you

returns assassin
becomes queen
he pointed a thorn at you
in the blood morphine

who loves you stays
for what you still are
whoever loves you becomes realm
who loves you becomes a home
This film is about Oskar, a little boy from the outskirts of Stockholm, abused by all his classmates and a little marginalized, and about his new neighbor, a twelve-year-old vampire. Strange pale girl with big dark eyes, ready to kill for him.

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