This society is becoming increasingly violent because the message that passes is that only if you're smart, if you're arrogant, you win. And so the one who bullies gets things done while the others play by the rules and are forgotten. Mass media and movies pass a message of struggle, fighting, aggression, violence and violence. How many movies have you seen that didn't include fights? Superheroes always fight, physically. So the message that gets through is that bad guys can only be defeated with more violence. But victims of bullying don't ask for help, they don't fight back, they don't tell anyone. At school everyone knows and everyone is silent. Bullying at school still exists and the right methods have not yet been used to fight and defeat it. Bullying has been talked about for years but neither adults nor children still know how to defeat this scourge.
There is a new trend that is taking hold in social media and that is to channel all the hype about violence, bullying and "entertainment". People who insult each other online, threaten each other, slaps that fly, "fans" who just for a little visibility go to offend or even worse attack the live streamers.
There is a basic problem in all of this: the streamers themselves are the perpetrators, not just the victims.
Having the power to communicate, unite the masses, be followed by thousands of people is not something to take lightly because you want or don't want those who follow you to emulate what you do. Saying "it's not my fault that dude does this or that" I just do "entertainment" is like throwing the rock and hiding your hand, behaving like the worst politician. What scares me is that violence, sexism and racism are defined as "joke".
There's no need to elect yourself as champions of justice when instead of raising awareness and educating those who follow you, you only give vent to a show full of violence and devoid of civic education. Because when you blare the cash register on the bus and you insult, curse, threaten those around you just because someone RIGHTLY feels annoyed by an insult or an orgasm in the cash register, how can you expect to be "entertaining"? What message do you give to young people? What makes you feel so powerful that you think all of this is right because you are "working"?
Because we are in a world where education is obviously being badly outclassed by "I do what I want, when I want, because I'm free to."
Does being free mean being able to say what you want or does it mean being able to feel safe wherever you go without someone insulting, hitting or disrespecting my time and space?


All these things will be forgotten, 
all these things will be drowned, 
all these things will be just memories, 
the world will no longer have this image, 
and the sadness of knowing what will happen makes me drown, 
it makes me water, 
I dream of the sea, 
I dream of it. 
Sand under the sea, 
but when the high seas will come 
there will be no sand but only the end of this land as I see it now. 
All things will become different and this scares me 
and I don't know why all this will be allowed, 
why does God want to extinguish man again? 
I have no answers, 
maybe he doesn't have them either, 
he is thinking about it, 
he is deciding whether to do it or not, 
whether to give us a chance, 
but he sees the hatred and the war, 
and the violence, 
and how can he say that we are still one thing good?


This photograph was taken during the first Intifada (1987-1993), it shows a Palestinian boy shot in the heart by Israeli occupation forces. Most of the Palestinians killed during the Intifada were either shot in the heart or the head. via Younes Arar.


Sometimes it’s a gun that kills, a knife, or fists. Sometimes I give words, gestures, aggressive behaviors. A woman may immediately owe certain things without being able to object. Today is a day when I would like to remember not only the physics on women but also the psychological violence that often goes unnoticed and is never judged. I believe that it is men who have to fight hard to save women from certain horrible men. Men have to fight every day for their mothers, wives, daughters and sisters but unfortunately this is not the case.


After yet another rape on a train which will be followed by a just punishment for the rapist, because the cameras are useless anyway, I leave here my travel tips for those girls and women traveling alone by subway or train.

1) Do not wear headphones with loud music, if someone approaches from behind you would not hear it.

2) Move to a carriage in which there are other women.

3) If they get off or the train is already semi-deserted, get into the carriage immediately preceding that of the conductor.

4) Do not hesitate to tell the conductor that you are alone and that you put yourself there to feel safer (I did and they were always very kind, they remained standing in the exit compartment).

5) When you get off, queue up to the largest group of passengers.

6) The worst moment is to cross a deserted underpass, there I can only tell you hold the unlocked phone in your hand and walk as fast as you can, better if a friend keeps you company on the phone.

7) Never take the elevator.

8) If you wait for the train, always put yourself under the light.

9) If you feel safe because you know the treats well but you see a woman alone, approach and travel in her compartment: you will not say anything but she will be grateful to you.

10) Keep a heavy stone in your bag, if you hit it you can at least stun it.

11) If something bad happens to you, do yourself justice because there is no adequate justice for those who violate.

I understand when you say you have items ready to use as weapons (sprays, keys) but the attacker also expects violent reactions and knows how to handle them, you don't. Run away if you see groups of kids all together, run hard, shout "A FIRE, FIRE !!!" otherwise no one will ever rush to see what happens.

I add one more thing:

Don't be afraid to look 'heavy' or out of place calling a friend on the phone on the way or having someone pick you up if you notice that doesn't reassure you. These little things often make a difference, even if you don't even get there to make certain speeches.
But unfortunately there are bad men in the world and no one gives them just punishment.


Today I am very sad because a horrible thing happened to so many girls for New Year's Eve. In Milan in the square, on New Year's Eve many girls were harassed who were there just to have fun. What has happened shows that women cannot yet live safely and that many men still believe that women are objects. I am really very very sad because these girls were traumatized, raped, and many men present there did not defend them but rather took advantage of the situation to harass them too.

New Year's Eve should be a time of joy and fun, instead hear what one of the molested girls says:

"I'm still in shock, I can't realize what happened," added the 20-year-old girl. And again he added: "I still can't sleep, I wake up in the middle of the night shaking." The 20-year-old said that the boys looked at her and laughed: "She looked at me with a look that said 'do what you want, I keep going'". That night the girl had reached some friends in the Cathedral: she was in the company of a friend of hers when she was crushed against a barrier and continually touched by young people. "I realized they were touching me and we wanted to escape but there were too many people. We couldn't move." The 20-year-old says her friend fell because the group kept pushing until they started harassing her. "I felt hands all over the place, even inside my bra which was practically ripped." When they got close to the barriers, the two girls started yelling at the police: "Nobody was helping us."

A photographer intervened to help them. Then the complaint. The Police Headquarters is now trying to trace the identity of the young people, to understand if it was the same group in all five cases of harassment or if there were more than one. The videos published on social networks and the images of the video surveillance cameras will allow the police to trace the identity of the attackers.

I wonder why all these men felt free to be able to molest these girls? What made him think that a person has to go through everything that is done to him?
Do the girls have to go around armed to be able to defend themselves now?
Men do not evolve in a positive way. What is to be done with this type of boys and men?

On New Year's Eve 2016 in Cologne, Germany, at least 650 women were harassed (photos) and sexually assaulted, one also raped, in the station area. Real group attacks carried out by hundreds of predominantly Arab men. 2 Hamburg

On the same night the same assaults are repeated in Hamburg where at least 400 women report sexual assaults. In all, the attackers were 2,000, almost always in groups; 120 suspects, mostly North Africans.

But only four arrests.

On the following New Year, the same script is staged in the central Marktplatz of the Austrian city. In total that evening there were 18 complaints, and among these there were also those of 6 Italian women, two tourists and four university students, all between 19 and 25 years old.


There is a very little known tragedy when it comes to violence against women - and it is always talked about too little - which is what has become in recent months the most dramatic and serious scandal in the entire history, probably of the whole of Canada: the thousands of native women disappeared into thin air and often, then, found, barbarously killed after probable rape. It is a painful wound and for this reason still partially removed for the civil and developed country of North America, one of the states with the highest quality of life on the planet, taken as an example to be a model for example of multi-ethnic and intercultural integration. .
An impressive, frightening and well-documented Report on these disappearances and killings of women in recent decades was published in June 2019, consisting of thousands of pages and wanted under the pressure of many associations and complaints of native groups or "native Canadians" by Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. The commission of inquiry worked two years to produce this document full of testimonies, data and evidence. One of the conclusions relating to the Report is that an appeal to the entire Canadian population to be present in solidarity and participation so that this femicide often covered by silence or the comfortable desire not to know finally and definitively ends.
There is still a very tense climate between native communities and public institutions and, very often, between Canadian natives or Indians and the rest of the population, especially the white one, whether they are North Americans or Europeans does not matter.
The violence against these women finds reason in the inaction of the state and in colonialism with its related ideologies, based on an alleged superiority.
The exact number of missing or killed women is not known, nor will it probably ever be known (since many family members, for fear of further vengeful violence, did not speak said also because they knew that the investigations would not have been conducted with real zeal). This downward number is believed to be four thousand Native American women missing or killed.


I met the Dalai Lama personally, in my not recent past. I was inside a church of I don't know what religion and the Dalai Lama himself started a very energizing meditation with his Ohm, then repeated by everyone present, and imagine so many ohms in a huge church, it was a wave of pure energy. Well, all of this hasn't changed my life. Then I learned that China had attacked Tibet and the monks had been defeated. The monks meditate every day, what did they do wrong since their meditation caused nothing but pain and their corner of peace was destroyed? Wasn't the inner scent strong enough? What went wrong? Did Christ and his disciples also meditate through prayers and parables and what was the result? Crucified Christ and persecuted disciples. The way of spiritual love is full of slain martyrs. Would it have been different if they had rebelled? My Tai Chi master once explained to me that martial aces are not used to do violence to others but if someone attacks you you have every right to defend yourself. Defense with the hands, with the stick, with the sword ... A weapon. Preserving life is a legitimate direction of our nature. Keep it at any cost. So if someone tells me that all the evil that is happening can be overcome with the thought I am sorry but I cannot share because I have touched the energy of thought with my hand and I am sorry to say it but it does not move the mountains. Instead the actions yes. In fact, for example in Christianity we say ok to prayers but these must be followed by actions. I personally have been among the "Food for Life" volunteers who bring food to the homeless. Why don't you eat with thought, unfortunately, and wars cannot be won with thought, unfortunately. We need to meditate but also to act. Act to make good win. Take action to stop this destruction. Meditating and saying mantra is fine but afterwards you must also act because actions change a situation. We are many to write, create, dance and spread light but we must also take action in Defense otherwise nothing will remain of this Light. 


13 years ago the red shoes worn by Judy Garland in the film The Wizard of Oz in 1939 were stolen, the curator of the Judy Garland Museum in Gran Rapids in Minnesota (the hometown of the unforgettable Dorothy, ed) fainted and hoped until the last that it was a joke. Instead it was all true. The sequin-covered red slippers (of which six more are believed to exist in the world), owned by film memorabilia collector Michael Shaw and exceptionally loaned to the Museum, had disappeared. For real.
Red shoes. An immediate, powerful symbol. An effective glance. The red color symbolizes violence, evil, the blood shed by many women all over the world. And at the same time it is the color of love, of passion that turns into evil. Each pair of shoes bears the name of a woman killed by a man.
Red shoes have always been considered the symbol of a woman's delicacy, charm and elegance. Characteristics that every woman has wanted or would like to express freely and without constraints. However, every day those shoes are cruelly torn from the foot of those who would have liked to wear them.
November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Many Italian squares welcome hundreds of red shoes.

The silent march of the red shoes has become a symbol of protest and information around the world.

The empty shoes scream all the agony, the shame, the fears and the condemnation of those who have finally decided to say ENOUGH.

The red shoes thus take on a new symbolic value on this occasion. They stand as the banner of a silent but determined fight against all forms of attack against women.
The Zapatos Rojos were born as a public art project by the Mexican artist Elina Chauvet. Which in 2009 exhibited her installation of 33 red shoes in Ciudad Juárez. This is the city where the femicide rate is so high that it is called "the city that kills women".

The Mexican Elina Chauvet, with this great project has transmitted a strong feeling of reality, of pain but also of strength. He has created a method to denounce and shout to the world the horror that femicide carries out almost daily and the willpower to denounce in order to be reborn.

An expanse of strictly red shoes that identify the number of violence, deaths and mistreatment that women have suffered in their lives.
In 1999, the UN General Assembly chose the date of April 25 in memory of the brutal murder in 1960 of the three Mirabal sisters, considered an example of revolutionary women for the commitment with which they tried to oppose the regime of Rafael Leónidas Trujillo (1930 -1961), the dictator who kept the Dominican Republic in backwardness and chaos for over 30 years. On November 25, 1960, the Mirabal sisters were blocked on the road by agents of the Military Intelligence Service as they were on their way to visit their husbands in prison. Taken to a hidden place nearby, they were tortured, beaten with sticks and strangled, only to be thrown over a precipice in their car to simulate an accident.
Since the beginning of the year, 116 women have already been killed in Italy, most of them dead at the hands of husbands or partners. One death every three days, according to the EURES. 
Male violence against women is neither a private fact nor an emergency but a structural and transversal phenomenon of our society, a political fact of the first magnitude that has its roots in the inequality of power between the sexes. Austerity policies and reforms such as those of work and school, in continuity with what has happened in the last ten years, do nothing but undermine the paths of autonomy of women and deepen social, cultural and sexual discrimination.


( Don’t watch if you’re sensitive to violent images)

Joanne Herring is a Texan billionaire who, close to Pakistan's controversial President Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, served as Pakistan's honorary consul in Texas. As seen in Charlie Wilson's War, where she is played by Julia Roberts, Herring - whose anti-Communism was fueled by a strange Protestant zeal - had, not even so much behind the scenes, a prominent role in Operation Cyclone, namely the CIA training and armament program of the Afghan Mujahideen during the Soviet invasion of the country (1979-1989).

Herring, who is portrayed as an exuberant libertine overflowing with contacts (like her childhood friend James Bakler III, later US Secretary of State), rounded up the political force needed in Washington to get the CIA to invest billions (with Saudis, Egyptians and even Israelis) in support of the then-called Afghan "freedom fighters", of which the Taliban are a tribal ethnic-religious variant.

The Texan was an inevitable queen of events in Houston, and became famous for her husband's lavish and decadent birthday party in 1959: a large "Roman orgy" themed party that included period costumes and a fake auction. of slaves. The festoon, of dubious aesthetic-political sensitivity even for the 1950s, ended up in the then ubiquitous Life magazine. After all, talking about slavery in America, at least since after the Civil War, is really difficult ... Joking even more.

Well, this is not a joke.

Afghanistan, where more than forty years ago Herring and the US began pumping the tribal-takfiro Islam we are now seeing rising, now sees the return of slavery as a fact.

Not as a joke for a billionaire party: as the reality that Afghan women will experience for centuries to come, if everyone does as Biden did: that is, nothing.
Afghanistan is one of the most corrupt countries in the world: there will no longer be any guarantee on the control of any funds allocated by international agencies in favor of women victims of violence. The Karzai government, wanted and actively supported by the US-NATO military occupation, certainly does not stand out for its respect for human rights: in March 2009, the Karzai government signed a law intended to affect above all women of the Shiite community: according to this law , women cannot refuse to have sex with their husbands and cannot go to work, the doctor or school without his permission. In March 2007, the Karzai government had ensured amnesty for all crimes against humanity committed in Afghanistan in the past twenty years. In January 2007, journalist Parwez Kambashkh was sentenced to death by a court in Balkh after being accused of blasphemy because of his views on equal rights for women. Although Parwez was pardoned as a result of international pressure, dozens of other journalists are in the same conditions. In July 2006, the Karzai government reintroduced the "Ministry for Vice and Virtue", sadly known already under the Taleban regime. Afghan organizations fighting for human rights also denounce the government’s continued pressure to legalize the "informal" (tribal) justice system within which the stoning of women is foreseen.
It's Italy? Between 2001 and 2011, the Italian government invested hundreds of millions of euros in the reconstruction project of the Afghan justice. We ask the Italian government and the political forces that have supported and still support the military intervention in Afghanistan to explain how the funds for the reconstruction of the Afghan judicial system have been invested, as laws have been passed in recent years that heavily penalize, rather than favoring, the human rights and rights of Afghan women.

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