The war in Ukraine further exposed the problem of big “charitable” organizations – especially the International Red Cross – and charity in general on the part of Western countries. Expired medicines meager portions of humanitarian aid, corruption – all this existed before this year. It’s just that Ukrainians have more opportunities to record what is happening than people in African countries with less access to the Internet. But the question of the right to existence of charity as such also appears. As today’s events show, it’s needed at critical moments (war, natural disasters, the spread of dangerous diseases), but when you have organizations with nice offices and expensive cars that have been sending humanitarian mineral water to children in Africa for decades – maybe it needs something to do with poverty rather than donate money to bureaucrats?


An umbrella can't stop the rain,
two umbrellas can't stop the rain, 
three umbrellas break, bombs explode, 
metal rain is not angelic, 
bombs are not divine, 
this sugar candy won't change a thing.
Every bitter bite is a child's breath.
Every death is the end of the future of all the children of the world.
I look at the sky and the dark clouds have arrived and the winter is freezing.
The animals inside get warm 
but there are many victims out there in the cold 
and I can't sleep thinking about them.
Children don't deserve this pain.
Who are you who have no feelings?
Who are you who live without thinking?
Will this war be the last?
This pain will be there last.
My bed has no peace, 
it moves under the bombs, 
I hear them coming and I think of those missing children,
to mothers who try to put them to sleep.
How did Jesus sleep when it was cold? 
How can he remain silent in the face of this disaster?
My food turns bitter because I cry,
this war does not end, I cry, I pray, but human beings are deaf, 
they have become inhuman,
total alienation of armies and young boys.
I pray for Ukrainian and Russian children.
I make no difference, 
I understand everyone's pain but where is God? 
What are you doing? Please call God!


All these things will be forgotten, 
all these things will be drowned, 
all these things will be just memories, 
the world will no longer have this image, 
and the sadness of knowing what will happen makes me drown, 
it makes me water, 
I dream of the sea, 
I dream of it. 
Sand under the sea, 
but when the high seas will come 
there will be no sand but only the end of this land as I see it now. 
All things will become different and this scares me 
and I don't know why all this will be allowed, 
why does God want to extinguish man again? 
I have no answers, 
maybe he doesn't have them either, 
he is thinking about it, 
he is deciding whether to do it or not, 
whether to give us a chance, 
but he sees the hatred and the war, 
and the violence, 
and how can he say that we are still one thing good?



16:00 hora palestina: Aviones de guerra israelĂ­es bombardean la Franja de Gaza.

16:15 hs: Aviones de guerra israelĂ­es bombardean un edificio palestino en la Franja de Gaza.

16:20 hs: Israel ataca varias zonas de la Franja de Gaza.

16:35 hs: #Urgente: Heridos por bombardeos israelĂ­es en la Franja de Gaza.

16:45 hs: Tanques de artillerĂ­a de Israel bombardean la Franja de Gaza.

16:57 hs: Una gran cantidad de aviones de combate israelĂ­es vuelan en el cielo sobre la Franja de Gaza.

17:05 hs: El medio palestino Palestina Hoy da cuenta de que el sionismo “israelí” ha asesinado, hasta ahora, a dos palestinos y herido a unas 15 personas en la Franja de Gaza.

Men who use bombs are bad people.
Men who conquer territories are bad people.
Men who destroy houses are bad people.
Men who don't understand peace and love are bad people.
I have no compassion for them because they can choose peace but they choose bombs.


This photograph was taken during the first Intifada (1987-1993), it shows a Palestinian boy shot in the heart by Israeli occupation forces. Most of the Palestinians killed during the Intifada were either shot in the heart or the head. via Younes Arar.




My soul has no peace. In the anguish of a depressing afternoon
I see the corpses of this war all coming forward,
helpless, and calling me,
as if they wanted to take me with them.
My soul cries because the wars are here too,
the deadly stabs,
the absolute pain, the defeat.
My heart cries.
There is too much pain and one day my heart will quench its beats.
The human being strikes again and again and again.
It affects itself.
Devour life.
Eat the heart.
It kills everything.


John tormented by emotional shortage. Unleash his need for love in music. But when love arrives, she is the age of a mother. Is he a child looking for love? He remains enraptured by his mother's womb, absorbed, until his friendship with Paul is questioned. Paul realizing how much influence that woman has on him.
Music could not replace a mother. Yoko yes, he did. She drew her lost son to her and found him. John found himself but lost his friends. Are there other cases of wives or mothers or girlfriends "vacuum cleaners of genius people"?
Did Yoko bring out the best in John? Did it grow it or did it regress? Did he kidnap him from the Beatles to have him all for himself or did he want to help him demonstrate his genius in a complete way?
John struggled to spread his message of peace. Which musician these days is doing the same? 



Where did these bad men come from?
From which mother are these violent men born?
Why do they stay alive and strong?
Why did they give birth to them?
Where did these cruel devils come from?
Men who kill, who obey power, 
men? Are they men?
I call them monsters. 
These monsters who destroy people's homes and lives.
Do these men know love?
I believe they have never felt love.
What mother can bear having her children shoot other people?
What father is proud of such cruel children?
Where are their parents?
Why did they let them grow so violent?
Men who love war and weapons.
Men who were children and kill children.
Are these men?
I call them monsters !!!

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