Perhaps later in time, this will become my wish for the future. Marry you and love you for the rest of my life. Making promises, and then spending every day of my life keeping them, never feeling the weight. I will not tire of your goodnight kisses, of waking up next to you every morning for 365 mornings multiplied by at least 80 years. 29200. They will not be enough for me yet. Then, you know, not a day will pass without me giving you a caress. I will never betray you, not even in a dream at night. And if sometimes I had to raise my voice, tell you things that could hurt you, know that a minute later I would realize and apologize. But if the first promise will be to love you to the end, in health and sickness, the second promise will be to always respect you. The third will be to never stop showing love to you, with any gesture, large or small. I don’t want you to hate me over time, maybe tired of small arguments or my temper, so the fourth promise will be that every day I will make you laugh, as I have done since the first day I met you. You will laugh and you will fall in love with me a little more, you will laugh and I will fall in love with you a little more.
You know, I would like to marry you, which is strange from me, said by the person least inclined to marriage, the one who thinks it is just a day of foolish fools, in which you spend far too much money and invite people with whom you may not be. has been going out for years, only to smile all day even when tired, a day in which those tearful speeches are made for which mothers, sisters, friends and girlfriends of friends are moved, while all men are limited to smile and applaud once finished, one day in which the couple dance a slow hug and everyone thinks and whisper: “How beautiful they are together”, as if they were more beautiful now, as if a white dress with a veil, a dinner for an army and a party worthy of a court gala could change everything, as if they loved each other more, as if only now they were a real couple. I’ve never believed in marriage, I’ve always been skeptical and indifferent to this subject, but now… it’s all different. For you I would wear that white dress, even if it will hold me like an anchovy and I will not wait to take it off, for you I would spend those 3 hours at the hairdresser and the make-up artist to have a wonderful hairstyle and a doll face, although they will last a few hours, especially after arriving home, to consume the wedding night, for you I would smile at all the guests, even those whose name I don’t remember, for you I would make one of those monotonous speeches about how much I love you and how much you want to spend the rest of my life with you, even if you know it very well and there is no need to tell others, for you I would do all this, for you I know it would be worth it. But once that day is over, do not expect something to change, do not believe that I love you more or that our life will be more beautiful, do not think that you will have the certainty that you will never abandon yourself, because marriage does not improve things. , it does not give certainties, it does not give any of this. I will love you more every day because I will know your every detail, every little comma that completes you, our life will be more beautiful because day after day we will always share new things and we will have many memories to relive, and I will never leave you because you will be there. man of my life, my companion in adventures, the love I’ve always dreamed of and will always want. Maybe I’m still against marriage, maybe it will never be my big dream like so many other women, but yes, I would marry you, I would marry you every day of my life.
Scientific studies show that even if gays get married You continue to live YOUR life Society does not disintegrate The Earth will not stop revolving around the Sun And above all there will be two more happy people in the world. If homosexuals can’t get married because it goes against your religion, you can’t eat cookies because I’m on a diet. We are two girls, who despite the various problems given by society, love each other madly. Many people today have stopped believing in a feeling as strong as love, because you know, love hurts, love carries responsibility, but almost no one is ready to let go completely. Well, we did it. In a dark moment of our life we ​​met and it was immediately, PURE LOVE. Just like you, we had lost hope, we no longer believed in anything, and instead then everything became so natural, so strong, that we wanted to get married. We know it will be difficult, we know everything, but for love you must never give up, especially when at your side you have a person who knows how to lighten everything. If you too are ready to fight, to mix, not to be afraid of anything anymore, follow us. Do not be afraid of your being, of always being yourself despite the difficulties and problems that this can bring. Do not be afraid to love, do not be afraid of the different, because love is always love, regardless of gender, regardless of the color of the skin. Fight for your rights, indeed! Let’s fight together for the rights we are entitled to. We are there, we exist, and we have the right to love each other and we respect everyone, so respect our love too.
Love. Be free to love whoever you want without the fear of being judged, reminding yourself that your happiness is more important. Love him or her without feeling guilty towards those who do not accept your love because they will not accept the real you. Love because it is the most beautiful thing in the world. You love letting people talk but gasp when they see your smile. Don’t think twice, those who truly love you will always be by your side. You know what? Fuck society, fuck stupid people who raise their finger only to discriminate, let’s leave them in ignorance and with a rotten heart, they are the ones who lose us. Love that it is everyone’s right and should not be taken away from anyone.
Two ways of dealing with the issue of homosexuality: if in France the bill that allows marriage has just been approved (before her: Belgium, Portugal, Holland, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Uruguay and South Africa) and adoption by gay couples, in Italy there is still discussion on how to refer to people who love people of the same sex. Rai did not broadcast the ad against homophobia “Yes to differences. No to homophobia “, of the Ministry of Equal Opportunities, because it contains the fateful words” gay “and” lesbian “. Aren’t they “polite” enough? Politically correct? Do they create embarrassment? Do they make the well-thinking blush? What is it, a secret taboo? Still??? They still create obstacles to love and then go to church and after the family dinner they go to the lover. But this is fine, this is accepted by everyone, despite the fact that it is a grave sin. But if we talk about gays then everyone against everyone. But do we live in a modern society or have we remained in the Middle Ages?
I would like to become a wedding planner. I would love to help couples, both gay and straight, to have an unforgettable day. Not so if there are courses in my part. I would very much like to advise in the choice of location and dress. I really like to see people happy. I don’t know, it could be a new path for my future. Every wedding is unique and for me it must be taken care of in detail. If I had to give advice to future spouses, it is precisely to avoid those who offer only standard services, which leave little room for imagination.
Our souls are linked to each other. Maybe they always have been and always will be. Maybe we lived a thousand lives before this one and in each one we met. And perhaps, every time we have been forced to separate for the same reasons. I know that in each of my lives I have gone in search of you. And I was looking for you, not someone who looks like you, because your soul and mine must always come together. And then because reasons that none of us understand we are forced to say goodbye. I would like to tell you that everything will be fine, and I swear I will do what I can to make that happen. But if we don’t meet again and this is a real goodbye, I know we’ll meet again in another life. We will meet again and maybe the will of the stars will have changed and we will be able to love each other enough to make up for all the previous separations.

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