When a single woman sets out what can happen? Many people say, nothing, it is the same as when a man sets out. Well this film shows that unfortunately a single woman gets scared of the men she meets. I don't want to tell you if it ends well or badly. You can find out for yourself.


Sometimes things don’t go our way. Sometimes the wind comes and makes the cards fly. And you start chasing them, you catch some of them, you lose sight of some, and you do with what you have left, lopsided castles, that nothing is enough to knock them down, and you are afraid even to breathe. Sometimes it’s the rain that gets your cards wet. It is a rain that fades. A cold rain, which enters the bones. There is no remedy. And you think back to when everything was warmer, to your mother holding you tight. Sometimes a compliment was enough to get blood to your face. And you felt your skin burn. To a kiss, but not just any kiss, to that kiss. On certain summer evenings that never ended. To a girl who is now fifty. And to the wind that has ruffled who knows how many castles. And she rebuilds them every time. With the cards that remain.
We are the descendants of the savage women you have forgotten. We are the stories you think would never be taught. They would have had to check the ashes of the women they buried alive so that a single ember was enough to bring an entire fire back to life. We don’t like to admit it, but the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlosing control is one of those that fascinates controlled people like us more than anything else. All truly civilized peoples – the ancients no less than us – have become civilized thanks to the voluntary repression of the original animal self. Are we really, in this room, very different from the Greeks or the Romans? Obsessed with duty, pietas, loyalty, sacrifice? All those things, in short, that impress moderns? And it is a temptation for any intelligent person, and especially for perfectionists like the ancients and us, to try to kill the primitive, emotional, animal ego. But it is a mistake. Because it is dangerous to ignore the existence of the irrational. The more civilized a person is, the more intelligent he is, the more he will be repressed: and the more he will need a system to channel the primitive impulses that have been so much studied to kill. Otherwise those powerful ancient forces will accumulate and become of such intensity as to be released violently, with greater violence due to the wait, and will often have such vigor as to completely wipe out the will.
When you take a wild horse from the herd, your every little movement takes on enormous significance for him, and if by chance his sensitivity is disturbed, he becomes skittish and unavailable … Here, this horse now feels at his own comfortable like this, it passes and leaves no trace, but you do …… you know how to approach him …. you know how to let him approach you because you are of the same substance and he knows it too …….. .you can caress his skin with your little hand, and he will not run away from you, but he will shake his head and happy mane, then he will resume running knowing that you will follow him with your eyes until he disappears on the horizon .. ..My hand is so little…


It’s just a question of survival. Just this. There is nothing else. All with the same purpose. Nothing is really what it seems. Looking for someone. Find someone. And then endure, suffer and suffer for work, for food, for children, for something wrong, because there is always something wrong. Why don’t you eat with love. What life would this be? We might as well tear ourselves apart like wolves instead of gradually wounding ourselves in the same place. If there is no food, the aggression of human beings comes out. If no resources are found, we all become ferocious wolves. We are animals and not evolved beings. We are still guided by our biology. We have hormones that make us do things we later regret. But we can’t cancel these hormones. Animals adapt better than humans. They don’t have to match clothes or wear makeup. They just need to show mane or feathers. They don’t have to get hold of various trappings to show their role. Human beings waste a lot of energy to earn money and show themselves in a certain way. And the whole is built. I mean that animals show what they have naturally had. Human beings, on the other hand, show what they got with money. The adaptation is therefore more complicated because it requires the use of more resources. Human beings rely on beauty but women choose money. If we put Briatore and any handsome young man with him would you choose? Briatore. Many guys recently call themselves Incel and have focused on their ugliness as a yardstick for their failure with women. But they did not understand that women look at money and not at the face. If a man shows up in a fancy suit or expensive car and designer clothes and a lot of money rest assured that most of the girls will say okay. The girls of this generation obviously, because that of the previous generation were satisfied with a man with a steady job. Now, however, the girls want the absolute rich.

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