You listen to music, the days pass, the years pass, you feel that music and everything comes back, you relive everything: the images, the perfumes, the mood experienced in those three minutes of past life. Everything has been magically recorded deep within your soul… like a key opens an old door, you log back in through sweet or bitter notes in your world at the forgotten moment.
We never stop healing. We’re constantly experiencing new things in life, and sometimes life has us go through some crazy shit that can cause us to be bitter or cynical, and usually negative. So let’s all focus on self-care and spending time with ourselves since this is one of the ways we heal and develop.
my impulses and i are in constant conflict, arguing about when to act and when to overlook my stubborn desires. there is a fine balance to being human.
If you ever feel like certain things are just not going your way, just know that you will survive and overcome. Nothing lasts forever so know that your time will come. Life and circumstances are always changing. Don’t give up!

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