I only loved her the swollen blue hair and I immediately booked them at the vanity fair, for the years of salt.
But its memorable sadism towards of the naive Pinocchio, clochard child to poor Geppetto’s canteen, it does not deserve forgiveness or charity.
He used black rabbits from the lugubrious apparatus as a tool pedagogical for a medicine bitter to swallow with pre-conciliar faith and a false plaque from the devastating photo with “here lies” because that puppet felt like a monster.
They are hidden in the imagination darker, cockroaches of a college love.
Had it not been beautiful but beautiful, I would have it immediately chased away from mine restless sleep and I would closed the door at seven send.
It took me a century of anguish, but now I sleep on the thin breast of a fairy White. It bites but it is good
A little while ago my mom asked me that I had to smile and I didn’t know what to answer. I didn’t realize that I was dazed in front of a photo of us and to say it I also feel silly I started traveling a bit … thinking about how many things have changed … do you remember? At first we were kisses and nothing more We are everything now. We are happiness when we see each other after 2 days that are enough to miss us (But let’s not tell anyone that we look like 2 fools). We are also anger when one of the two hurts the other but we are love when everything returns as before if not better than before. Yes, because we are love. You know when you tell me about the future I am so afraid mixed with a great desire to see what will happen, because I would like time to stop exactly when I am in your arms. And then I also think about when unfortunately for one thing or another this dream will end, it will no longer be like the famous break from before .. it will be very different. We put into play things that never came out before, we love each other in all forms, laughing, crying and making love. Do you know those fairytale loves? That even when the end is not “happily ever after” they always remain inside you? Here you represent that magic for me That story to tell the children on Christmas Eve In short, happiness. And sorry if I am not exactly the Cinderella of history … instead of losing my shoe I lose my patience very often and I don’t talk to you about the Blue Fairy but about my many, too many messes in which, in a right or wrong way, you are there finished in the middle. But it still remains, because the prince charming exists and that bears your name. To the other princesses we gnaw a little
I don’t honestly know why I’m not sleeping under the covers at this time but I’m here thinking about how much we’ve been through. The past must not be erased, but remembered and not repeated the same mistakes. It all started one night, who knows if I had been silent that day as it would have ended. For once, using courage has served me. How it took the courage to try again, to throw myself into a story perhaps bigger than me. But I did well, I gritted my teeth and tried, and I succeeded. I was able to have you the way I wanted you. I managed to get into your eyes and no longer feel like a burden. I’m not the best sometimes, when I get attached to things that may seem nonsense, when I leave with my thousand films and nobody stops me anymore. I am a bit like that, a bit of a child and a bit of a woman, a bit of a girl and a bit of a friend. I don’t have much to offer you but all that I am. I cannot promise you the moon and the stars, that is not, but I can promise you to always look at them together. Night, you are my first and only true love, and I thank God for having you next to me.
I believe in people who have struggled to be together. Because meeting and being together is easy. It is meeting and fighting to be together that is a little more difficult. I believe in people who have the courage to abandon their pride to apologize, to give themselves a hug, a kiss and go back to looking at each other as before. I believe in people who have cried, who believed they were lost and instead found themselves stronger than before and even more confident in their love and wanting to be together. I believe that in love you have to discuss, argue, throw plates, glasses, all the silverware, but in the end you have to solve everything, find an agreement, make decisions. Together. Because love is also facing a thousand obstacles, but continuing to want and love each other despite everything.

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