You are free now, to entrust your soul by penetrating only the first layer of pleasure, free, to have enclosed every moment in your breath, free to slip into dark, hidden, bitter places, to bear the weight of the world alone, while you listen. the music confide in you the secrets you don’t tell, send the senses to addresses where nothing speaks more of you, free to pretend not to know that freedom vanishes when you stop listening to yourself, to believe that duty is the greatest love, to give in to the moral blackmail of a social restriction, erasing all truth, free from what you wanted most of your life, you are free?
What does it mean to be free? Freedom is the ability to act without constraints and impediments. But what does it mean concretely, in everyday life, to be free? I think that in the end the value of freedom can be interpreted differently, or sometimes even misrepresented. For me, freedom is choosing based on my ideas, being who I want to be, living how I want to live. To be able to make mistakes, to suffer, to regret any of these decisions, but to know that it depended solely on me and on what I felt was right. Freedom for me is authenticity. Accept myself, in what I am, including defects, in order to live a life that is mine. And to do this it is necessary to recognize the freedom of the other, what makes him free, although it may seem wrong to me. It is not true that my freedom ends where that of the other begins, but simply recognizing that of the other opens me up to a much greater horizon of freedom. Only in this way can authentic liberation be achieved. And the men who fight to make it happen are heroes. It is not easy to be free, it requires the greatest courage and the greatest responsibility. We have the courage to be free.
But what is freedom? I say that it is the possibility of choosing what can make us feel good in our small way, a decision that can go against everyone and everything. Freedom is something that we must know how to control to make it ours in all respects and to be able to live it in the right way so that it can guide us, taking us far away, to the place where it is captured in its purest essence. With freedom we go to the rediscovery of deep emotions, great desires and strong experiences. There is nothing more beautiful than feeling that responsibility on you in having to choose yourself, when you want and how you want, accompanied by that adrenaline energy that flows through your veins and pumps your heart strongly, feeding your soul with joy and admiration. towards the world. Nobody, I mean nobody, must stop us on our way. A passion, a goal, a dream, a desire are ingredients for the recipe of our success, we must conquer them, with all our strength. So try it, drop everything, indulge in the magic of being free, fill yourself with hope and run towards the journey that awaits you.

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