There is always an anchor. A detail that we keep. A voiceless message. A stain. A harmless visual detail that remains detached from all the pain. A light that survives a farewell. An image that passes directly from the transience of the moment to the fixity of memories. An image that becomes for us a vehicle of the hidden indexicality of those we have loved.

That image accompanies us over time. We recognize it from the contours even from a distance. It flickers in us like the flame of a candle but does not seem to go out. Even his absence becomes unthinkable. Every time we try to turn it into a shadow and let it go, its melancholy and circular appearance triggers an emotional return in us. As if by magic, the image re-emerges, appears before our eyes and forcefully reaffirms its presence, unraveling in a tangle of blinding lights that remind us of the subject of our love.

I too have kept an image of you, immersed in the yellow glow of the Sisto bridge lamps, suspended in the glow of those lights like a small fire that, regardless of the wind, continues to burn.

Occasionally, that image is briefly visible; others, it spreads out like a bright patch of sun with defined contours, edging the animated streets with its light. There are times when it skilfully camouflages itself in pools of water with yellowish reflections, times when it swings gently in rounded shadows and times when it spreads out in numerous irregular stripes, branching as far as the eye can see and casting its light even on the sharpness of the stones.

Every single time, however, your image brings up at night everything that remains hidden during the day: the clear light of a love that, like a golden sky, continues to survive the uncertain shadow of its sunset. 

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  1. ecohorizons
    Nov 13, 2021 @ 13:38:29

    Some say that imagination is a source of inspiration for humans …


    • Fairy Queen
      Nov 13, 2021 @ 13:52:30

      Imagination is inextricably linked to creativity. Creative people tend to get out of the grip of real, objective data. They reject the grip of repetitive activities that are always the same and cyclical. Creativity is the part of the imagination that makes us alive and that gives new stimuli to our daily life and
      to our future, “the artistic vein” so to speak of each one, is the individual characteristic that differentiates us and elevates us.


  2. Ashley
    Nov 13, 2021 @ 14:14:12

    There is something in this picture that I have seen before! Do I know this person?🌹


  3. abvr
    Nov 15, 2021 @ 10:39:50

    The Hidden Indexicality

    The image seen in all these nuances is the vehicle.

    That’s powerful

    So is the complete essay of the image of you


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