I am never ready for departures, detachments and farewells.
What scares me most of the time that passes is losing the people who are close to me and whom I love.

Today I said goodbye to Lorenzo.
It is the last day he will come to the facility where he is being followed as the family, for work reasons, has communicated to the team his definitive transfer to Genoa.

"Lorenzo, today we say goodbye, you know ..."

"I have to study geography, tomorrow they ask me ..."

"Okay, I'll help you."

He takes the geographical map of Italy and shows me our region.

“This is where we are now. Do you know where I'm going this weekend? "

"Here ... look a bit, there is also the sea." I point to Genoa on the map.

"You know I don't care about the sea ... I don't even want to go!" He gets up abruptly from his chair.

"See you no more!"

He keeps looking at the map and shows me with his fingers how little distance there is between the two cities.

"You have to say hello to me because we don't see each other anymore, so today I want to give you the key to all the doors, when you use it we could meet ..."

I can hardly hold back the tears.
I really wish I could tell this little boy that magic exists and we can use it to meet whenever we want, but the sad truth is that sadly I'm not the child he wants me to be. He does not know, of all the times that, in his company, he made me return a carefree and smiling child and all the good that he gave me.
Today I can no longer be that child and he must understand that this is a greeting, a goodbye for both of us.

“Lorenzo, the key that opens all the doors and takes you wherever you want, unfortunately it doesn't work with the grown-ups. But we can write letters, you will tell me anything you want. You can call me on the phone and with your mom we will find a way to meet again. "

"You do not love me anymore! Because?"

"I love you so much, but today, we have to say goodbye ..."

Lorenzo runs to hug me and, at this point, I cry ...

“You're really a little girl, grown-ups don't cry! I'll give you the key anyway, maybe then it works… ”A smile escapes me through tears.

This time it is Lorenzo who is crying in my arms.
He understood that we are saying goodbye ...

Now, I need someone who also makes the little girl in me understand, why people always go away and why it always hurts so much ...

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  1. Ashley
    Dec 04, 2021 @ 13:44:25

    that’s just what life is like! I know! 🌹🙋‍♂️


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