I haven’t always had a problem making friends with females. When I was little I was very cheerful and always played with my classmates. We played a lot of games all together and I really enjoyed their company. My friends came to play at my house and also at my birthday parties. Now I meet many girls who always turn up their noses, who point their fingers and are ready to judge anything. They look at how you are dressed, what brands you wear, what car you have. They are very materialistic and self-conscious. This thing makes me sad because there should be more harmony and strength between girls, which is practically missing very often, if not always. We see ourselves as rivals, when together we could do a lot. So I would like to meet some girl who goes other to these platitudes and wickedness. A sweet and sincere person.
True friendship isn’t about talking to each other every day or going out together every afternoon. It’s not even having no friends other than that person, nor giving cheesy nicknames like my life or sweet darling. True friendship, the one that will last a lifetime, is when you haven’t heard from a person for two weeks and you miss them to the bone. It is not having dated a person for months and not being afraid of not knowing what to say or what to do, because you know it will be as if you saw you the day before. True friendship is when your best friend stays up until half past two, waiting for you to fall asleep, because you are too sad and afraid to go to sleep, even though she has to wake up at six tomorrow. True friendship exists, and I have found it. I love you.
I honestly don’t even know if she still calls me her best friend, but I loved my best friend. I loved my best friend in every way you could love a person. The kisses, the hugs, the afters, the phone calls, the long chats and the long walks, our secrets, the promises you don’t have to worry about keeping because you already know that everything will go right, the “I miss you” and “I’ll be back soon”, the quarrels and the quiet, the fun, the messages you don’t expect to receive, the “good morning” and the “goodnight”, the “I need to hear from you” and the “I’ll call you right away”, the “you amo ”written under the house and those written on letters, photos and videos, memories and future projects that we have idealized together. She is the only person I thought I’d never lose and, even though it was difficult, I know it didn’t happen by chance. She met a boy, her future husband, and disappeared from my life. We would always find ourselves together, talking about the most senseless things at the bar with a sandwich in hand after school or on the phone, together more than ever. After, however, with the passing of the years we have become strangers. I wrote to her years ago on Facebook but she telegraphed me back, as if I had never existed in her life. I was very upset and stopped writing to her.
The true friend is the one who tries to stop your tears with simple words. The true friend is the one who wakes up and finds your message and you feel bad. And she does everything to keep you from crying, she comes to pick you up at home and wander aimlessly through the streets of the city, she lets you vent, comforts you and brings you back home with a new hope and the knowledge that she will always help you. The true friend is that guardian angel who shares joys and sorrows with you, always.

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  1. bezSzelestna
    Aug 22, 2021 @ 22:04:32

    the true friend is like a diament not for every one


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