There is a beautiful English word that I love: “wallflower” means when a person is shy and stands aloof. Indeed it is just like that, no one notices a flower on the wall, yet it stands there to observe the way and think that it is in the wrong place. Who is right, who would want a simple flower when the world is full of strong and wonderful trees, capable of such high self-esteem that they allow them to compete on who gets taller?

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. vermavkv
    May 22, 2022 @ 12:32:18



  2. Giannis Pit
    May 22, 2022 @ 15:01:16

    I love these flowers Fairy Queen. They have a special color and they are very beautiful.


  3. abvr
    May 23, 2022 @ 07:59:32

    There in between the cement, stones and sand, she found water
    Back against a concrete wall
    On the watch
    Looking all of beautiful
    Wallpaper plasterd to the wall


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