There are artists who paint what they see, others who paint what they remember or what they imagine. Our brain changes in the face of reality but, at the same time, it is capable of changing it: a "different" brain must therefore have a different relationship with reality.
In art this "process" can lead to the creation of new realities, which will only partly depend on "sensorial information"; our brain, in fact, does not necessarily need the continuous "information flow" coming from our senses. Dreams, memories that "revive" in mental images and also representations "simply" created by our mind testify to this event.
In this sense, art amplifies reality, creates a new "mental channel" capable of opening up to new experiences. The visual stimuli, real or evoked by memory, which excite the nervous system of the artist at the moment of the creation of the work of art, transformed by his hand into colors and shapes, will stimulate the nervous system of the observer. The work of art must be able to arouse in the observer's brain sensations and emotions that were present in the artist's brain. Approaching a work of art, looking at it, perceiving it, understanding it and appreciating it, implies the involvement of many brain structures and the activation of very specific mechanisms, starting from the functioning at the basis of visual perception, to those involved in the so-called "psychology of see ", in the aesthetic and emotional experience. This refers not only to the emotion felt by those who enjoy a painting but also to the creative moment that involves the artist to create his work.
Some researchers, especially psychologists and neurophysiologists, have been fascinated by the possibility of studying the properties and characteristics of the brain that are part of the evaluation of a work of art and the pleasure it can give; persuaded by the idea that the understanding of these cerebral mechanisms, together with the knowledge of the events of the life of an artist and of the culture of his time, can favor a greater "knowledge" and appreciation of the work and of those who created it.
A work of art is born from the combination of what the artist experiences "visually" and how he interprets what is communicated to him from the outside world. Both the acquisition of visual information and its internal processing can be altered by pathological causes.
The effects of serious mental illnesses, often altering the artist's perceptive and emotional abilities, can affect his pictorial expression and testify how the painter's life story becomes an integral part of his work.
All this emerges in the paintings of some great painters in particular moments of their life.

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  1. seekingdivineperspective
    Dec 19, 2021 @ 01:21:39

    Interesting.. None of that surprises me. No doubt music has an effect on the brain, too. How dull would life be without the arts?!


  2. Experience Film
    Dec 21, 2021 @ 20:43:29

    Feel free to ignore this comment, but understand it comes from a place of love and respect – I LOVE your site, everything about it, except for one thing – I stopped following it because of the sheer volume of posts flooding my feed every day. Too much for my small brain to sift through, let alone read. I bet i’m in the minority here, but consider posting less. Honestly, your site is truly awesome other than this small caveat from a lone (re)-follower.


  3. Fairy Queen
    Dec 22, 2021 @ 10:31:31

    I’m happy to have followers like you telling me what I’m wrong and I really appreciate your advice. I had already been told and tried to decrease. The reason is that I am sometimes into inspiration and registration to save what I write instead of publishing it but I often think that a post written at that moment should be shared at that precise moment. But I’m so wrong, so well, and thank you for reminding me. So I will try to decrease the posts so give you time to read. You were very kind to tell me and to share your thoughts with me. Thank you for your appreciation for my blog. I hope I don’t clog your feeds anymore. Good day.


  4. Fairy Queen
    Dec 22, 2021 @ 10:35:04

    I tried to live without art. I have tried many times in my life but have not succeeded. I couldn’t help but express what I felt. The thing is, art is a very straightforward way to bring out what you have inside. Instead doing it with words is more difficult, yes, it is more complicated to be able to come up with what I feel by being able to choose the right words. Unfortunately when I paint I always do it only because I feel very bad. It is pain that drives me, and art is the only way I had as a child to get my pain out. Unfortunately, I still have in my life the consequences of the abuse I suffered as a child. So even now sometimes I have so much pain inside me that I can only empty it into the colors.


  5. Experience Film
    Dec 27, 2021 @ 18:03:07

    Hi🙋🏽 sorry I just now saw these comments. Your ideas, your writing, your art, is very fantastic🧞‍♀️ Plz diminish my original comment as much as possible – a small caveat it is. It must be a blessing and a curse to have so much inspiration flowing through you. You are so talented. I love your work. Keep it going🙌


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