Casatiello is a Easter cake, ride and savoury enriched with tasty ingredients; the slow leavening make it soft, the oven cooking make it fragrant and the filling made of cold cut, lard and cheese make it nourish with a strong flavour. Casatiello has a strong traditional value, given that it is typically eaten, during the Easter period with the family and the relatives, in fact it plays an important role in the Neapolitan tradition to be handed down from a generation to another.

The casatiello is also excellent for a picnic on the grass, on a trip out of town. It can be easily carried in a container. It has no flying parts and can be placed in a picnic basket wrapped only with paper or cloth.
Some put provolone, salami, grated pecorino, hard-boiled eggs inside. Others hard-boiled eggs put them on the outside. But in both versions it is really tasty. You can drink red wine and be together outdoors and enjoy a nice day.

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. giacomoasinello
    Apr 16, 2022 @ 17:02:57

    The greatest of all Neapolitan specialties! Can’t wait until tomorrow!


  2. Giannis Pit
    Apr 16, 2022 @ 18:13:02

    Wow, delicious Fairy Queen! Thank you very much.


  3. Ashley
    Apr 17, 2022 @ 08:50:57

    Oh, this looks so good! Here, Easter is still too early for a picnic on the grass! Perhaps in another month 😋😋😘


  4. Ashley
    Apr 17, 2022 @ 09:18:38

    I’m salivating, now you have me thinking! Could I make this? 😋😘😋


  5. seekingdivineperspective
    Apr 17, 2022 @ 23:06:48

    So, is Italy open now? I was surprised to hear that a couple I know had gone there. Are you able to leave your house now?


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